Programs for Boy Scouts

Young boy working with colorful glass pieces wearing safety glasses

Group Glassmaking

Scouts can get acquainted with The Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass, meet glass artists at work, and create glass crafts of their own. Craft activities will vary depending on group size, age and experience. This program takes approximately two hours for groups of 10 or more and does not include a guided Museum tour.

Some items will need overnight cooling and will either need to be picked up the next day or shipped (additional fee).

When: Fun with Glass programs may be scheduled seven days a week.
Cost: $13 to $47, depending on project choices. Additional fee for shipping (some items must cool overnight).
Registration: Required. We ask for three-weeks notice to book your experience. A minimum of 10 participants is required. Start your reservation
Contact: Email us at [email protected].

Group of Boy Scouts of various ages in full uniforms

Currently, we are not able to accept group visits of more than 10 guests for the foreseeable future.  Until further notice, reservations will not be accepted, and motorcoaches will be turned away. Please continue to visit or contact the Tourism Sales team directly at 1-877-733-2664 / 607-438-5400 or [email protected] for updates related to scheduling a group visit. 

Boy Scout or Cub Scout visits can be planned either for weekends or weekdays. A self-guided tour of our facility can assist Scouts in fulfilling some of the requirements for various Elective Adventures but it is the responsibility of the Scout Leader to ensure these requirements are met. Scouts can also bring their families with them to fulfill family-oriented achievements and electives. We require three-weeks notice to book a visit.

Registration required.


Scouts will see the results of scientific experimentation first-hand. They'll also explore crystals and optics and learn about pressure and the law of gravity through live Hot Glass Demonstrations.


During a typical Geology visit to the Museum, Scouts will learn how rocks and minerals are used to make glass and products that are present in the home. Scouts will also see a giant periodic table and natural glass, like obsidian.


Through discussion, observation, and gallery activities, Scouts will discover creativity and meaning in art through glass. Special focus can be given to color and light, and glass as a medium.

Programs for Girl Scouts

Visit with your Girl Scout Troop and utilize the Museum to assist Scouts in meeting some of the r