10 Ways to Digitally Experience Glass

With our large collection of online resources, we’ve got you covered with the top ten ways to experience the Museum digitally.  

  1. Relax with Glassmaking Videos

    Our award-winning YouTube channel has hundreds of hours of glassmaking content. Glassmaking is a mesmerizing—and soothing—process to  watch. In times of stress and uncertainty, we all need a little escapism, even if it’s as simple as watching an artist make beautiful glass. 

  2. Take a Virtual Tour

    If you’re missing our gallery spaces, you can take a virtual “street view” tour through Google Arts + Culture. Take a stroll through the airy Contemporary Art + Design Galleries, explore glass science in the Innovation Center, and get lost in our 35 Centuries of Glass Gallery.  

  3. Color Our Collections

    Coloring is a great form of escapism and with our "Color Our Collections" set, you'll engage with with glass objects in a fun new way. Just hit print and grab some colored pencils. 

  4. Check Us Out on Netflix

    Watch Netflix’s glassblowing competition show Blown Away, which prominently features the Museum. Then check out our many related videos on YouTube, including behind-the-scenes footage from the set and interviews with the production team, glass experiments with the show’s host Nick Uhas, and Guest Artist demos with the finalists.  

  5. Learn How We Care for Our Collection

    Watch our playlist of glass conservation videos on YouTube and get an inside look at how we care for our collection.

  6. Read Glass Stories 

    Our blog shares stories from across the Museum and gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what we do at CMoG. 

  7. Discover Venetian Glassworking

    If you want to learn something new, check out our digital publications Techniques of Renaissance Venetian Glassworkingand Techniques of Renaissance Venetian-Style Glassworking by William Gudenrath. You can look through the online publication and watch two complete playlists of videos detailing how to make this captivating style of glass.  

  8. You Design It; We Make It

    A collection of our popular You Design It; We Make It demos are on YouTube. Watch as glassmakers turn audience-submitted drawings into fanciful works of art.  

  9. Discover What Was Hot in Glass Every Year Since '79

    We have digitized all previous volumes of our annual exhibition-in-print New Glass Review, which dates back to 1979. Each volume is an international survey of contemporary glass. 

  10. Explore Our Collection of Glass

    Spend some time in our Collection’s Browser where you'll browse by type of glass: contemporary, ancient, European, science + technology, or search for anything you can possibly imagine in glass. Find out about the incredible works we care for and make plans to come see them in person when the Museum reopens.