Think Glass and Motorcycles Don't Mix? Think Again!

In an out-of-the-box collaboration with Red Bull, The Corning Museum of Glass invited stunt motorcyclist Aaron Colton and his custom-built electric motorcycle into its world-renowned galleries and hot shop. Surrounded by fragile beauty, Aaron combines daring stunts and precision riding to create a heart-pounding thrill ride for viewers.

Glass Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

The world’s largest glass museum is an action-packed place where visitors not only explore the best in glass made across time and place, but can watch glass take shape in live demos and even make it themselves. Playing off the “bull-in-a-china-shop” concept, Aaron got to experience the museum unlike anyone ever has before—on two wheels at high speed!

Aaron took in the elaborate gallery spaces quicker than most, but still made time to browse the contemporary galleries, learn about glass science, experience a live hot glass demonstration, and even do a little shopping. Explore the spaces featured in his thrilling, fiery night at the museum. 

Aaron Colton, stunt motorcyclist for Red Bull, rides electric motorcycle through Contemporary Art + Design Galleries. Photo: Red Bull/Brian Nevins

Contemporary Art + Design Galleries

The Corning Museum of Glass tells the story of a single material over 35 centuries, but this newly added gallery space highlights the some of the most spectacular work in glass from last 30 years. Objects are bigger, bolder, and more complex, creating the perfect atmosphere for Aaron to encounter glass art. Even at high speed, he takes a moment to appreciate the floor-to-ceiling works around him.

Aaron Colton, stunt motorcyclist for Red Bull, rides through Innovation Center. Photo: Red Bull/Brian Nevins

Innovation Center

The Innovation Center is a hands-on space where you can learn about the scientific properties of this impressive material. From the glass on your smartphones to optical fiber that keeps the world connected, our lives would look very different without glass. Aaron got to experience a bit of glass science by riding past a giant periodic table, and stopping short at a fun mirror that distorts your image. This space also houses a periscope, a tower of casserole dishes, and one of the largest telescope mirrors ever made.

Aaron Colton, stunt motorcyclist for Red Bull, rides through Amphitheater Hot Shop.Photo: Red Bull/Brian Nevins

Amphitheater Hot Shop

The Amphitheater Hot Shop is where glass comes to life at the hands of talented makers during live demonstrations. Many would argue that Aaron is an artist in his own right, creating custom bikes that are a thing of beauty. Here in the hot shop, he’s juxtaposed with artists whose medium is glass hotter than molten lava. Aaron zips around the hot shop, weaving through glass sculptures made by the Hot Glass Demo Team, and even assisting the artists as they created a glass red bull. 

Aaron Colton, stunt motorcyclist for Red Bull, rides through The Shops. Photo: Red Bull/Brian Nevins

The Shops

One of the largest museum gift shops in the United States, The Shops offers everything you could possibly imagine in glass. From high-end art to holiday ornaments and everything in between, this colorful space created the perfect fragile environment for Aaron to truly feel like a "bull in a china shop."

All photos: Red Bull/Brian Nevins