Gallery Activity Sheets

Be a Glass Detective with our Gallery Activity Sheets. Our gallery activities encourage kids (and adults!) to be glass detectives throughout the Museum's galleries. Each activity sheet is downloadable as a PDF file below.

Print them out and bring them with you, and don't forget a pencil (no pens allowed)!

A glass paperweight with blue, red, yellow, and white flowers surrounded by blue and white checkered pattern

Glass Detectives: Garden Hunt

There are many flowers in the Glass Collection Galleries. As you go through the galleries, use this activity sheet to find them.

Download the Garden Hunt Activity Sheet 


Glass Detectives: Animal Hunt

Search for animal shapes and pictures throughout the galleries. Plus, sketch your favorite glass animal.

Download the Animal Hunt Activity Sheet

A brown glass gourd decorated with leaves, pumpkins, and dragonflies

Glass Detectives: Harvest Hunt

Explore the Glass Collection Galleries to find glass related to the harvest season. 

Download the Harvest Hunt Activity Sheet

A glass paperweight of a red, white, and brown bird on a snow-covered branch, with snow in the background

Glass Detectives: Winter Wonders Hunt

As you go through the galleries, you’ll see many objects that remind you of the winter season.

Download the Winter Wonders Hunt Activity Sheet

Transparent ruby glass vase with clear glass flowers and handles

Glass Detectives: Carder Gallery Hunt

What inspired Frederick Carder's glass designs?

Download the Carder Gallery Hunt Activity Sheet