50 Reasons to Visit

  1. Three people looking at a plate of oversized glass fruit

    See glass in a new light

    The world’s largest glass museum invites you to see and experience glass in mind-bending new ways. From the unexpected to the mysterious, The Corning Museum of Glass challenges everything you think you know about this amazing material.

  2. A mom, dad, and two kids stand by a glass barrier looking at hanging colorful glass sculptures that look like thin boats

    Kids & Teens 17 and under visit FREE

    Not only are kids welcome, they are welcome to experience the Museum at no cost. With hundreds of things to see and do, there is something for children of all ages—from telescopes and laser beams to glass art that gleams.

  3. An oval shaped mirror in an elaborate frame

    Visit our next Major Exhibition

    Join us this summer for the Museum's new exhibition, In Sparkling Company: Glass and the Costs of Social Life in Britain During the 1700s. Glittering costumes, glass confectionery, and dazzling objects abound, as we pull back the curtain on the social rituals and cultural values of 1700s Britain. On view May 22 through January 2, 2022. 

  4. A landscape view of a rows of grape vines overlooking a lake

    Discover the story of glass and wine

    Our newest mini-exhibit, Fire and Wine: The Story of Glass and Wine, explores the many ways glass touches wine as it travels from the grape to your goblet, and celebrates the two great traditions of our beautiful region. This fascinating story is on view through December 2022.

  5. A green blown glass sculpture with a spiral at the top

    Make Your Own Glass

    Make Your Own Glass experiences are the perfect addition to any visit to the Museum. Try your hand at making your own glass ornaments and mosaics or one-of-a-kind sandblasted drinking glasses. Check our online schedule to see what’s available right now, and what’s coming soon.

  6. Two glassblowers adding yellow molten glass on a purple glass ring

    Must-see glass demos

    We love to tell the story of glass, in fact, it's our mission. And the best way to tell a story is to show it. That’s why we offer a variety of free narrated demonstrations every day—from glassblowing to flameworking. Come watch our gaffers show off their skills.

  7. The 10 contestants of Blown Away Season 2 line up for their first challenge.

    Blown Away is BACK!

    Season 2 of the hit Netflix show Blown Away is here for your viewing pleasure. And, if that's not enough, you can visit to see works by all 10 artists on display. Maybe you'll want to try glassmaking for yourself, after all, Blown Away is our Everyday!

  8. A white plate with sprinkle decorations that says "Corelle 50 Years"

    Dish It! Corelle at 50

    To celebrate Corelle’s 50th birthday, the Museum is presenting Dish It! Corelle at 50, an exhibit giving visitors a behind-the-scenes look at objects they likely use each day. View 50 Corelle patterns you know and love, see 40 different shapes of dinnerware, and learn about the people who played important roles in bringing these dishes to your table. On view through December 2021.

  9. A young woman takes a selfie in front of a museum case containing a penguin wearing a mask

    Meet Penguin Pierre

    You may have seen him on Social Media or TV, but now you can meet him too! Penguin Pierre, our new safety guide, is so flipping excited to greet visitors in the Admissions Lobby. Take a selfie with our favorite feathered friend.

  10. Overhead shot of the gift shop with white, modern tables and blue metal

    Shop 'til you drop

    The Corning Museum of Glass has one of the largest museum shops in the country. Seriously, it rivals a small department store. From high-end art glass and exhibit-related items to jewelry and kitchen necessities, it’s all here.

  11. Close up of hands holding green glass

    A Glass Tree? Growing Inside?

    This tree by renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly, can be relied upon to keep its beautiful green color all year long. Made up of hundreds of hand-blown pieces, it stands 15 feet tall! How many pieces can you count?

  12. Guests and a glassblower looking at a blue glass vase

    Open 7 days a week for our guests

    Did you know we’re open 361 days of the year so you never need to worry about when we’re open! You can visit any day of the week, 9am – 5pm each day and 9am – 7pm in the summer, and we’ll always be here to greet you with a smile.

  13. Inside view of the Amphitheater Hot Shop with a large crowd watching a glassblowing demonstration

    World's largest space for watching a glassblowing demo

    That’s right, our Amphitheater Hot Shop features 500 seats and 360° views for catching a glimpse into the fascinating process of glassblowing. Add in 80-inch digital monitors, a state-of-the-art video system, and some of the most talented glassworkers in the business, and you’ll get a much closer look than you ever imagined at this centuries-old craft.

  14. Small child walking down a large, white gallery, with a glass chandelier and art on the walls

    Stunning architecture

    From concrete beams and skylights to a glass, egg-shaped whisper theater, the Museum uses architecture to hold and highlight a series of very different—but connected—collections. Hot and cold glass demonstrations round out the experience, taking visitors from a giant, state-of-the art hot shop with amphitheater seating, to intimate booths and stages for up-close-and-personal discoveries.

  15. Two adults and a child in a gallery

    Admission is good for two days

    A little-known perk of this Museum is that admission passes are good for two consecutive days. Good news for those of you who like to take your time when exploring. Just come back the next day and pick up where you left off.

  16. Icon of a car with an electric plug making a circle around it

    Need a charge to keep you going?

    The Museum is happy to welcome the arrival of electric charging stations for your car. In the Museum's Welcome Center Parking area, you’ll find four recharging stations ready to power up your journey to the Museum and beyond.

  17. Clear glass bowl with intricate etching to create an interlocking, circular pattern

    Corning, New York: The Crystal City

    Explore the all-new Crystal City Gallery and learn the history of how Corning became one of the premier centers for glass cutting in the United States. With iconic objects from the Museum’s collection alongside new and exciting acquisitions, there is something here for everyone.

  18. A glass artist dips a chopstick into a teacup-sized cup filled with honey.

    Can you blow glass at home?

    Well, not exactly. But with these short videos from William Gudenrath you can learn how some simple everyday things at home can be very similar to the glassmaking process. Why not follow along and see what you learn?

  19. Clear Glass high-heeled shoe with a gray to black ombre background

    Real glass slippers

    Designed by famed Steuben founder Frederick Carder in 1925, these glass slippers look like they jumped right off the pages of a fairy tale story book. Look carefully in our galleries to find even more shoes.

  20. Translucent glass strapless dress with a floor-length shawl

    And a glass dress

    Actually, we have two dresses on display. See life-size castings of intricate drapery by artist Karen LaMonte. Then look closer: beneath the surface of these glass garments are the shapes of the models wearing them.

  21. Six children gather around a rectangular black bench and look at two iPads.

    Need a read? Check out our blog.

    Our blog puts thousands of great stories at your fingertips. Hear from our staff as they show you the many ways that glass inspires them. 

  22. Woman demonstrating flameworking in a glass box with a family looking

    Turn up the heat

    Watch flameworkers melt and twist borosilicate glass rods into intricate objects over a torch that hovers around 4,000°F. See everything from small-scale sculptural pieces to glass animals, and even glass eyeballs created before your ... well, eyeballs. It’s hot, Hot, HOT!

  23. Mother and daughter sitting in a red sculpture with two circles, taking a selfie

    Hot spot selfie

    Join the club and take a selfie with the famous CMoG Hot Spot sculpture in our courtyard. No two pictures ever seem to be alike, as creative guests find new poses in, on, and around the Hot Spot.

  24. Class cup with glass caging details, hanging from a green chain

    35 centuries of glass

    The Museum is home to the world’s most in-depth collection of glass, showcasing 3,500 years of artistry and innovation.

  25. Strands of glass beads in a donut shape

    A mile of glass beads

    What do you get when 50 women hand bead for two years? For artist Liza Lou and a team of Zulu women in Durban, South Africa, it is a mile-long cotton rope covered in 4.5 million glossy black glass beads. Continuous Mile is a show-stopping testament to dedication, patience, and skill found in the hands of a community.

  26. Children looking at a bowl of over-sized glass fruit

    Glass fruit bigger than a toddler

    Our giant bowl of stunningly-realistic glass fruit dwarves our smallest visitors—and they love it, citing Still Life with Two Plums as their favorite piece in our collection.

  27. black and white photo of a  200-inch glass disk with a man in a suit in front of the disc

    Find the giant piece of glass

    This 20-ton disk is one of the world’s largest pieces of cast glass. But what exactly is it? Designed for a telescope to find distant galaxies, this piece of glass is a giant mirror that was damaged in production and never used. Visit the Innovation Center to learn more.

  28. Light pink box inside a larger, translucent white box inside a large white room

    What is VFZ 1?

    This unique object needs to be seen to be believed. Acclaimed American artist Larry Bell has used glass as the primary material for his minimalist sculptures for nearly 60 years. Made in the artist’s 78th year, VFZ 1 attests to the enduring appeal of glass in the creative process.

  29. Four children around a metal tube with one looking into the viewfinder

    See all of Corning without leaving the Museum

    What is almost as iconic as the 200-inch glass disk it sits beside? Our periscope. Climb up, peer into the viewfinder, and turn around to see a 360-degree view of Corning. Fun fact: The Museum’s periscope was provided by the U.S. Navy.

  30. Close up of a yellow, green, and black bench

    New art

    The Museum collection is always changing. From incredibly detailed cameo glass scent bottles to a chandelier powered by butterfly-shaped solar panels, new acquisitions—and exhibitions—mean there’s always something to see on return visits.

  31. Outside view of the Art + Design Building, trees and a green lawn out front

    Bettering the environment every day

    The Contemporary Art + Design Galleries are a testament to 21st-century architecture and sustainability, and earned LEED Silver Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Green features include the more than 900 skylights, SORAA LED lighting, and both water and energy conserving design modifications.

    Photo: Iwan Baan

  32. Three large arrowheads with log-like glass in the background

    Glass in nature

    Discover how glass forms without any help from humans. It looks a little different than you might think. From obsidian to a sea creature’s skeleton, see glass take some strange and exotic forms.

  33. Glassmaker creating a sculpture with clear rods of glass

    Take the next step

    Sign up for a class at The Studio. Learn about techniques from blowing and flameworking to casting and coldworking. Classes are available for every skill level from beginners to advanced students. So go for it, get your glass on!

  34. Woman looking at iPad while in the New Glass Now gallery

    Award-winning technology will be your guide

    GlassApp is an award-winning digital companion for the Contemporary Art + Design Galleries—no downloads required. Simply connect to the FREE Wi-Fi and open your phone’s internet—or use one of our provided iPads—and go to glassapp.cmog.org to learn more about the objects and artists in the galleries.

  35. Glass sculpture of a face with striped, colorful decoration with spherical ears and feet

    Find the faces

    As you walk through the Museum, see how many faces in glass you can find looking back at you.

  36. Glass cups creating images of three trees

    Upcycled life-size trees

    See three life-size trees composed entirely of 2,000+ re-purposed drinking glasses. The environmentally-conscious glassmaker, Katherine Gray, culled glasses from many different sources—including a few local shops in Corning—to create her “green” stand of trees. Talk about sustainable art.

  37. Man and woman looking at a large oval with glass science objects inside it

    Corning, N.Y., has changed your life

    You wouldn’t be reading this webpage right now if it weren’t for glass technology created here in Corning—specifically, fiber optics. Every time you tap your smartphone screen, you’re touching glass invented here in Corning. How often do you use your Pyrex measuring cup or casserole dish? Corning again. Our collection covers 35 centuries of stories in glass, but you can also learn how Corning has changed the world through glass innovation.

  38. Shuttle bus in front of a sculpture of a red circle within a circle

    See all of Corning's downtown

    When you’ve finished your visit or want to break for a trip to Corning’s historic Gaffer District (including The Rockwell Museum), board our free shuttle bus. It travels a continuous 15-minute loop and makes several stops along the way. Board it at any stop to return to the Museum or Visitor Center parking lot.

  39. Glass and gray brick building with a lawn and fall trees

    11 acres to explore

    When you’ve finished your visit or want to break for a trip to Corning’s historic Gaffer District (including The Rockwell Museum), board our free shuttle bus. It travels a continuous 15-minute loop and makes several stops along the way. Board it at any stop to return to the Museum or Visitor Center parking lot.

  40. Outside view of the Amphitheater Hot Shop

    Steeped in glassmaking tradition

    The Amphitheater Hot Shop has deep glassmaking roots. The Steuben Glass factory once occupied its exact footprint, meaning world-class glass art has been created in that space for more than 60 years.

    Photo: Iwan Baan

  41. Close up of a stained glass window of flowers, a lake, and mountains

    A million-dollar view

    Picture the most idyllic view you could want from your home. This one of the Hudson River was so spectacular, Louis C. Tiffany was commissioned to capture it in a stained glass window. Transport yourself to spring on the Hudson—complete with flowering hollyhocks, trumpet creepers, and clematis flowers—when you take a photo in front of this Museum favorite.

  42. Two adults in a gallery smiling at the camera with one holding a glass of wine

    Become a Member

    Support the world's best glass museum and enjoy the benefits of membership, including free admission, discounts in the Museum Shops, and much more. Our membership levels offer you the perfect way to choose the benefits that are important to you.

  43. Outside view of the historic Rockwell

    Two is better than one

    Corning is also home to The Rockwell Museum, a Smithsonian Affiliate, which houses an incredible collection of art about the American experience. Pottery, paintings, and textiles are just a few of the things on view. If you want to visit both museums, purchase a combo ticket.

  44. Woman at a podium, speaking

    Lectures you don't want to miss

    Attending lectures is not just for college students. The Museum often brings informative, interactive lectures to our community. Lectures are always free and open to the public so you can pop in for an hour to listen in as experts discuss everything from art and history, to cider tastings, and what it takes to be a working artist. It’s a like a podcast ... but in person.

  45. Bus in front of a glass building with a glass overhang

    If the RV fits...

    And we know it will. That’s because this Museum provides free RV parking. So add us to your vacation plans, or just make a comfortable stop on your way through the region.

  46. A tan sculpture of an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh's head on a black background

    Glass from ancient Egyptian royals

    Try to decipher the mysteries behind a royal family’s portraits and belongings in glass—including how those colors and shapes were realized at the dawn of glassmaking in the 15th century BC.

  47. Outside of a glass building with a slanted roof and blue skies

    Big-city museum; small-town charm

    When you step into the lobby and see the Dale Chihuly’s 15-foot Fern Green Tower, you’ll realize The Corning Museum of Glass is a world-class facility. But you can skip the cab rides and long lines associated with big-city museums: CMoG is nestled in charming Corning, N.Y.—a historic and easily accessible gem of the Finger Lakes Region.

  48. Woman sitting at a lunch table looking at her mobile phone

    CMoG cares about your data plan

    We offer free Wi-Fi so you can be #connected without worry. Running low on battery power? Stop at one of our campus-wide charging stations for a little extra juice.

  49. Tower of golden casserole dishes with a person in the middle

    That's a LOT of casseroles

    We all have a milk-white casserole dish or two that we use for favorite family recipes. Did you know this heat-resistant glass, a glass ceramic, was the result of a complete accident? At CMoG, you can learn the story and see a tower of these casserole dishes. Try to guess how many are stacked high to the ceiling.

  50. Green vineyards overlooking a lake with a blue sky a few clouds

    We can fill your glass, too

    The Corning Museum of Glass is located in renowned Finger Lakes Wine Country, filled with world-class wineries, craft breweries, cideries, and distilleries. Discover why readers of Budget Travel magazine named it the most beautiful wine region in the world. You’ll want to sip and savor the flavors of Wine Country during your extended visit.

    Photo credit: Finger Lakes Wine Country

Kids 17 under free

What is the number one thing our guests tell us after they’ve seen The Corning Museum of Glass? They wish they’d planned to spend more time here! Our guests tell us again and again they “had no idea” what was in store. With a wing for 35 centuries of glass art and history, a floor dedicated to glass science and innovation, a stunning Contemporary Art + Design Wing, and the largest hot glass demonstrations space in the world, what’s on view can be browsed in a day or absorbed over a week.

The Corning Museum of Glass has good reason to offer two days of admission for the price of one. During your visit, you can add-on a Make Your Own Glass Experience, engage in hands-on activities in our Innovation Galleries, browse one of America's largest museum shops, and dine in on-site eateries with fresh, made-to-order items or grab-and-go snacks.

Still not convinced we are a destination rather than a quick visit? Here are 50 Reasons To Visit Today. Use this as a guide to our must-see attractions, and check back often for seasonal changes.

Header photo by Iwan Baan

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